Donate to cancer research

Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research. In 2007/08 they spent £333 million on cancer research projects, and a further £11 million on cancer information and advocacy. Cancer Research funds the work of more than 4,500 scientists, doctors and nurses, all working together to beat cancer.

Their research receives virtually no government funding and their supporters are crucial if Cancer Research are to continue to make real progress against this disease. Regular donations from as little as £2 per month provide them with the stability of longer term funding which enables them to plan ahead.

People choose to donate to Cancer Research UK in a number of different ways. Many give regular donations from as little as £2 per month. Others give in celebration by asking friends and family for donations rather than gifts for birthdays, anniversaries or other special events. Many find it easier to leave a legacy donation in their will.

Cancer Research UK also organises many regional and national activities of which the ‘Race for Life’ series has gained enormous support and popularity. They also have over 600 charity shops selling both donated goods and new items as well as volunteers generating income and new support for the charity through their volunteering placements. Help beat cancer today!

Cancer Research are the largest single funder of cancer research in Europe and are leading the world in finding new ways to prevent, detect and treat the disease. They receive virtually no government funding for their research and are therefore reliant on the generosity of the public who have helped Cancer Research achieve some amazing progress over the last 100 years. Scientific research is expensive and the following examples give some sense of how much it costs to fund this good work:

  • £1,000 could buy around 110 digital timers – essential to allow cancer researchers to carry out precisely timed experiments
  • £54,000 could cover all the costs of funding one of their PhD students for around 18 months, helping to secure the next generation of cancer researchers
  • £90,000 could fund around one year of a national clinical trial to find the best dose of radiotherapy to use when treating patients with a type of lymphoma – cancer of the immune system
  • £250,000 could buy a DNA sequencer, helping scientists to identify potential genes associeted with increased risk of cancer, and to detect changes within those genes that could be involved in the disease
  • £900,000 is the average cost of running a lab for a year at the Cancer Research UK London Research Institute

The research undertaken by Cancer Research has been at the heart of the progress that has seen survival rates for cancer double in the last 30 years. But too many lives are still devastated by cancer so it’s vital that their good work, funded entirely by the public, continues. Help beat cancer today!

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