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Shelter was founded in England in 1966 by the Reverend Bruce Kenrick, who was horrified by the state of the tenements round his Notting Hill parish. The setting up of the organisation in Scotland followed in 1968.

Since Shelter’s foundation, our country has undergone a long period of affluence and economic growth but complacency has allowed housing to slip down the public and political agendas.

In 2008, there is a seemingly unbridgeable gulf between the housing haves and have-nots. Housing is now the key factor determining a person’s health, wellbeing, and prospects in life. If you can’t afford to buy and can’t get a council house, renting privately may be your only option but this is often unaffordable to people on low incomes. The slums of the 60s are gone but the housing crisis still exists. Shelter has achieved great things in its history, but their work won’t stop until everyone in Britain can access a decent, affordable home.

Shelter make it easy for you to support them by donating online, donating by phone or post, through your payroll, in your will, ‘in memory’ donations or even by giving in celebration. Support Shelter today!

Solving the homelessness problem isn’t just about getting people off the streets. Shelter aims to tackle housing issues from the hidden housing crisis to building more affordable homes in the UK. Here are five additional reasons to give to Shelter:

  • Understanding of the system inside out so those who feel powerless and ignored can finally get regular support
  • Free helpline gives instant advice and supports victims on the first steps towards recovering from homelessness
  • Legal expertise to help hundreds of people every year fight for their housing rights in the courts
  • Help and support in settling children into a new and happier homelife; it’s often forgotten that bad housing and homelessness also affects children
  • Helping the most vulnerable people negotiate their way through the bureaucracy of the housing system

At the heart of Britain’s housing problems is the failure by successive Governments to build enough homes to keep pace with demand. Shelter’s Now is the Time Campaign is calling for more affordable homes, protection for people who are homeless or in bad housing and an end to the housing divide

Shelter don’t provide houses but they do provide answers. From the homeless to the home owner, Shelter has housing advice for everyone.

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